Functional Medicine is in no way meant to completely replace traditional PCP or internal medicine doctors. We do recommend having a traditional PCP or access to an urgent care facility in the event of, or if a situation arises that is not within the Functional Medicine scope of practice.
Functional Medicine is not always a fit for everyone. You must have the desire for wellness, prevention and being proactive in your health care. You must be willing to partner with us in your wellness journey to get well and stay well.
Medication Management Policy
Please understand that our office practices within the Integrative Functional Medicine structure. This means our focus is on wellness, prevention, and reversal of chronic conditions, symptoms and disease. If you have a long-term or chronic condition that requires ongoing medication management, we recommending continue to follow your PCP along with our services.

We DO NOT manage or prescribe long-term/chronic medications for:

-Uncontrolled diabetes or insulin dependent (this should be managed by an endocrinologist)
-We do not prescribe controlled medications 
*For any condition that you see a specialist for, we are happy to work with you on the functional medicine side to ensure you are optimizing your overall health to help you better manage these conditions and work to stabilize, prevent progression or possibly even reverse!
Medications prescribed by Doctor
All medications prescribed by our doctor depending on the medication will require 3-6 month follow-ups and medications are only filled by appointment.
Since our overall goal is to help you reverse and manage these symptoms as naturally as possible, we work with you to make necessary steps to wean off medications, if appropriate.
If you do require medication management for a condition we do not manage, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist.
Medications are only filled during office visits.
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