We are considered an out of network provider. New patient visits for functional medicine are usually an hour and follow up visits are 20-45 minutes. Insurance tends to restrict the patient’s time with the doctor and limit average time spent to 15 minutes or less. We do not take this approach and are able to spend the time necessary with the patient to properly diagnose and treat patients.
We are a self-pay practice and currently do not accept insurance. We are considered an out-of-network provider. However, a super bill can be provided and given to the patient within 48 hours of the appointment. Depending on the insurance, they may do full or partial reimbursements for the appointments and labs. We can not guarantee any reimbursement from insurance.
Please note that as an out of network provider, we do not perform insurance prior authorizations. There are certain compounded medications that might not be covered. Always check with us for self-pay rates if you have a high deductible or uncovered services to help save you money.
Medications prescribed by Doctor
All medications prescribed by our doctor depending on the medication will require 3-6 month follow-ups and medications are only filled by appointment.
Since our overall goal is to help you reverse and manage these symptoms as naturally as possible, we work with you to make necessary steps to wean off medications, if appropriate.
If you do require medication management for a condition we do not manage, we will refer you to the appropriate specialist.
Medications are only filled during office visits.

Restorative Medicine FAQ

Your body has incredible built-in detoxifying abilities. Our Detoxification Services can help you optimize these natural processes to remove unwanted toxins and promote overall wellness. We offer a personalized approach that may include dietary guidance, nutritional support, and lifestyle recommendations for a healthier, more vibrant you.

This is a branch of medicine that subscribes to a new 21st-century paradigm that moves away from the ”disease chasing” way of thinking and the conventional ”pill for the ill” that our healthcare system is currently bogged down in.

Functional Medicine seeks to identify root cause for illnesses and using a more in-depth history and physical and time spent with patients.
Reliance on predictive tests and evaluation tools that can impact a patient in a very positive way to stop or even reverse chronic illness.

Restorative Medicine goes one step further to implement interventions that slow down the aging process and bring patients out of the ”disease state” and reliance on conventional medicine, surgery, and pharmaceuticals. It restored a high quality of life so a person’s latter years are not spent with frustrating illness and in the doctor’s office, hospital, or nursing home.

The upfront cost is a bit higher than your average annual visit cost with a conventional family medicine doctor. However, if you look at it in terms of a long-term investment, you will actually save money many times over as the years go by. Not only can you save money you can actually save your life.
If you take a serious look at the healthcare system today, its costs, and sustainability you will quickly learn that it is a sick and broken-down system. It will not be long before funds run out to sustain the very high cost of providing care to the chronically ill. We see in today’s environment the escalating cost of procedures, diagnostics, and drugs. By sticking with conventional medicine you are chained to a system that is destined to fail. Breaking the chains and moving over to a more holistic approach to disease prevention is a very sustainable and cost-effective measure you can make.
Functional & Restorative Medicine is a life-long commitment to a better lifestyle and management of acute conditions before they settle into chronic conditions. From the day you start, it should be a process to live by.
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